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Prayer Quilt Ministry


The Prayer Quilt Ministers are a group of women who meet every Thursday afternoon at 2 pm to sew beautiful prayer quilts for those who have requested them. The recipients usually are dealing with issues such as critical illness, imminent surgery, loss of a loved one, or a personal crisis.

Each quilt is unique in its design, utilizing colorful materials donated or purchased by the group. One side of the quilt features a large cross as well as the recipient’s personalized name plate sewn into the corner. The other side is a traditional, colorful quilted pattern.

Most importantly, every quilt is prayed over by the person creating it. Strings are sewn into the finished quilt and it is placed on the altar during Sunday morning service to be blessed by the entire congregation. During the offertory the prayer quilt is removed from the altar and processed into the parish hall. Following the service, individuals are invited to say a prayer for the recipient and tie a knot into one of the attached strings to signify their individual prayer.

St. Patrick’s prayer quilts are free of charge and may be requested by anyone, however, receipt of the quilt must be approved in advance by the recipient. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the person requesting the quilt. The quilts have provided a source of comfort and peace to people all over the world and are a treasured gift to those who receive them.


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