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Day 6

Thus says the Lord to you:  “Do not fear or be dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God’s… This battle is not for you to fight; take your position, stand still and see the victory of the Lord… 2 Chronicles 20:15, 17

Come on, Lord, get serious:  Surrounded by enemies, threatened with destruction and you want us to stand still.  Let’s be honest, there is something about this story that just doesn’t feel comfortable.  Many of us would really prefer to “take the bull by the horns.”  More often than not we are encouraged to be a people of action.  Yet this story from 2 Chronicles stands as a powerful reminder that there are occasions when the best thing we can do is stand still and wait upon God. Over the course of the next month there will be considerable action in and around the church.  Many will be feverishly working to accomplish all of the tasks for this stewardship campaign.  And in the midst of all of your hard work there will actually be those who will complain about the campaign, about the process, about the project itself and who knows what else.  You may be tempted, at times, to leap into battle, to answer all of the complaints, to convert the unconverted. Remember, this is ultimately God’s project, God’s campaign, and God’s battle.  No matter what we do or how we do it, there will be opposition.  We will do everything we can to answer questions and deal with criticism, but in the end it is God who will make us successful.  In the midst of all the business and activities of the next few months, remember to take the time to stand still.

Questions to Consider

1. How do I respond to criticism and complaints? 2. Do I feel a pressing need to make everything right? 3. What might be some ways that I can stand still and trust God?


Teach me, Oh Lord, to stand still and wait for You.  Help me to pause and remember that ultimately our success is in Your hands.  Teach me to trust, Amen.

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