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Day 14

Children, how hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God. Mark 10:24

Perhaps the saddest story in Scripture is of the rich young man who quietly and sadly turns away from Jesus when asked to sell what he has and give it to the poor.  In his explanation to the disciples of this difficult teaching, Jesus indicates that the fundamental question is one of trust.   In whom or what do we place our trust? From our earliest days most of us are taught to make it on our own, to depend on no one but ourselves.  We are continually reminded to value our independence.  And yet God appears to call us to a radical DEPENDENCE on God as the ultimate source of life and blessing.  Who do we trust for our happiness?  For many of us the answer is rather simple and obvious.  We trust in ourselves and our ability to take care of ourselves. In God Calling, the authors write:  I am your Lord, your supply.  You must rely on Me.  Trust to the uttermost limit.  Trust and do not be afraid.  You must depend on Divine Power only.  In the midst of making your decision on giving, you are asked to prayerfully consider not only the question of sacrifice, but also the questions of faith and trust.  Does the gift you are considering demonstrate that ultimate faith and trust rests in God and not in the accumulation of wealth and possessions? The Williamsons were already committed to giving to their church.  They were comfortable and felt good about their tithing.  As they prayed and waited on God, they felt called to increase their tithe, to go up to the next step of giving.  They said yes and made the commitment.  THEN, this couple saw their stocks crash and they faced the difficult question of what to do about their commitment.  Most of us would be shaken and afraid to see our commitment through. But the Williamsons were people who had ultimate faith and trust in God.  They simply said, “Because of what God has done for us, because of His blessings we will trust and have faith that we will be able to keep the commitment He led us to make.” …Children, how hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God.

Questions to Consider

1. As you look at our life, where do you truly place trust? 2. If you were the rich young man, how would you respond to Jesus? 3. Does the gift you are considering represent faith and trust in God and not in ability to accumulate wealth and possessions?


Lord, I confess that Your question to the rich young man deeply troubles me.  I speak of trust and faith in You but often find myself living as if I only trust in myself, my abilities, my wealth and my possessions.  Teach me Lord. Teach me to trust truly in You and Your love.  Show me the gift You would have me make, a gift of sacrifice and faith, Amen.

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